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With years of experience teaching the art of Music. Join him in a comprehensive path to connecting with your own creativity as a musician. 

Advanced or just getting started all are welcome.

Guitar is the main instrument That I teach, I also teach bass and drums well. Most importantly i teach how music relates to itself to in simple terms understanding how composition and harmony work. 

If you're interested in guitar or bass i have a very unique comprehensive rubric set of classes I use. That in the most simple terms that i have ever seen it described will show you how to get all over the neck. (!!!!)

Simplicity first, and if you've been struggling with getting up and down the guitar neck for years, your not alone - For years most of the students who come to me have this issue - Which is why i have designed this class - Please contact me to hear more and we can talk more details about this 

Guitar Lessons: Bio
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